Who is Off Shoot Comics?














Off Shoot Comics was started by Walter Bryant and David Clarke as a way to publish comic books that show a variety of hero archetypes and stories. David Clarke started off as an avid anime fan and met Walter Bryant via his fandom. Inspired by the "Gundam" series, David pursued his interest in creative writing. Walter is a lifelong fan of comics and notably "Superman", and has always held a passion for drawing and creating comics. Noticing that many of the stories they admired had the “same old” tropes and archetypes, they wanted to expand, broaden, and show more diversity in their storytelling. Combining their love for comics and manga, David and Walter formed their own comic book company to fill the gaps.


Both creatives are sons of pastors, and therefore create stories that generally abstain from strong language, excessive violence, and explicit material. David and Walter hope to diversify the fictional landscape of the entertainment industry in all media, starting with their comic book stories, animated content and Y/A books for publication. 

In addition to comic books, Off Shoot Comics hosts a Youtube channel dedicated to their admiration for comics, manga, video games, and television. 

The Artists

Off Shoot Comics does not rely on an in-house style, which in turn allows the artists to interpret each story visually in their own, unique way. 

Seth Bryant |Artist and Writer for Malbozar

Johnny Flores | Artist and Writer for Heretic and Silver Shadow

Sedric M Harris | Editor for Oddwell and Head of Film at Off Shoot Comics

Glynnis Koike | Artist for Starburned 

Joanne Kwan |Artist for Heroes R Us and Rage of Gressevia

Jennifer Sese | Artist for Sanctioned and Airheart: A Heroes R Us Story