We currently serve the following groups:

  • Maryvale

  • Vista Del Mar

  • Hands4Hope LA

Off Shoot Comics presents the Anyone Can Be A Hero program! Since January of 2016, Team Off Shoot has visited orphanages, foster homes, and communities to bring the joy of comic books to those who may have never experienced it.

The program brings together the artists and writers of Off Shoot Comics to teach children how to create their own narratives and comic book characters! We then take their art and stories and help them create their very own graphic novel. The best part: we give them the chance to attend a comic book convention to see their work on display at the Off Shoot Comics booth! If you are interested in being a part of this exciting program, or would like Off Shoot Comics to come out to your community, feel free to contact us via email to offshootcomics@gmail.com or through the "Contact Us" page!